A Short Hiatus

As often happens with projects I’m involved in, there comes a time when I feel a vacation is in order. Not so much a lie-in-the-sun-on-a-beach vacation (although I wouldn’t argue against that) but simply the urge to step back and reassess, to get my bearings for the next leg of the journey. Writing, for me, takes a lot more energy than what may appear to be the case on the […]


The topic of forgiveness is one I’ve wanted to expound upon for quite a long time because so many people have a complete and utter misunderstanding of it. In these troubled times, amidst protests against racism and police brutality, a president touting authoritarianism and fascism, and a politically fractured populace, forgiveness can play a profound role in helping to heal a troubled nation as well as interpersonal relationships that may […]