A Short Hiatus

As often happens with projects I’m involved in, there comes a time when I feel a vacation is in order. Not so much a lie-in-the-sun-on-a-beach vacation (although I wouldn’t argue against that) but simply the urge to step back and reassess, to get my bearings for the next leg of the journey.

Writing, for me, takes a lot more energy than what may appear to be the case on the surface. There’s reading, of course, and lots of it; I’m not only trying to cover different positions on the philosophical topics I’m essaying, but I need to stay ahead of the onslaught of books that pile up on my reading list (of which there are several I’m already well behind schedule to tackle).

Then there’s the research. Reading the papers and publications is one thing; finding the ones I feel are pertinent to my essays are another. Let’s just say there’s a lot of hoseshit out there on any given topic, and I need to look at all of it to make a decision as to whether I can glean anything useful from it. Barring outright trash, this takes at least an hour a day aside from the actual reading.

After all of that comes the task of writing itself. I am not the world’s most efficient typist (much better than my hunt-and-peck days, but still, I’m no Barbara Blackburn) and I often find myself stopping to check grammar, punctuation and, my personal nemesis, spelling. While spellcheck and Grammarly are invaluable to me, I also find myself looking up definitions to make sure I’m using the right word in context — and when writing on philosophical topics, that’s doubly important, as many words have alternate meanings within that field as compared to a layman’s speech.

Anyway, now that I’ve stretched this out a bit, I’m hereby taking a breather. I do have a couple of essays waiting in the wings but spending my time on those doesn’t get me ahead of the curve with the material I really want to be writing about. I would expect to wait at least two or three weeks before seeing the next essay from me.

No worries. I’ll be back in the saddle soon enough.