About Me

Hi there. I go by Tom Llama on the internet. Nice to meet you.

I am a student of philosophy, which isn’t saying much since being a “student of philosophy” is a lifelong endeavor. So, I should say that I’m pursuing an actual degree in philosophy (currently on hiatus) and, in the course of my self-study, am writing here about what I’m learning, what I’m thinking and what I’m believing to be true.

I have held a wide variety of vocations throughout my life, from dishwasher to office manager, factory worker to boatswain’s mate, internet marketer to maître d’, telemarketer to political fundraiser. I’ve traveled up and down the eastern seaboard, from Nova Scotia to the US Virgin Islands, and have lived in diverse neighborhoods across the economic scale all along the way. My life has not always been a steady one, nor an easy one, but I’ve learned much that a classroom could never provide.

Now that I’m firmly ensconced in marriage to a wonderful woman, caretaking a 100-year old craftsman and tending to two adorable kitties, my life has finally settled down and I can enjoy the finer points, like writing on this web site, playing the drums, vacationing as frequently as possible, and gaming (current addictions include Second Life, DCUO, Black Mesa and The Talos Principle).

To get in contact with me, this form is the best way, but you’re welcome to visit these other internet repositories of personal information should the need arise.