A Short Hiatus

As often happens with projects I’m involved in, there comes a time when I feel a vacation is in order. Not so much a lie-in-the-sun-on-a-beach vacation (although I wouldn’t argue against that) but simply the urge to step back and reassess, to get my bearings for the next leg of the journey. Writing, for me, takes a lot more energy than what may appear to be the case on the […]

Here We Go Again

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Again I wax poetic (and otherwise) for the masses, again I affix my thoughts, such as they are, to digital paper. One would think I’d grow tired of this unending quest for literary popularity, this Sisyphean climb toward blogging stardom. One would think. But it HAS been a long time, hasn’t it? The focus turned to other things, like reading, domestics, […]