Another Year Older

I celebrated my 61st birthday yesterday. Lunch with my wife, followed by the theatre, getting me out of the house for the afternoon. A very enjoyable way to spend one’s birthday. Yet as the afterglow of that day fades I am left with the realization that my best days may have passed, physically and perhaps mentally, and I feel mortality creeping up behind me. “Plans that either come to naught […]


Phobias, by definition, come in two flavors. There is the defined set of irrational fears, what most people think of when speaking of phobias; they have clinical names such as aichmophobia (a fear of needles), or arachnophobia (a fear of spiders), reflective of the fact that there are one or more common traits amongst sufferers. Then there is the non-clinical, derivative definition of phobia concerning prejudiced or discriminatory beliefs. Transphobia comes […]

2019: That’s A Wrap

I actually loathe typing out these “end of the year” posts, because I fear something will happen between the time I finish it and the actual year’s end, and I’ll have to scurry back here to insert the event before (or, worse, after) publication. However, because this blog is only a few weeks old, what I’m writing here will likely be new info for many of you; just think how […]