The topic of forgiveness is one I’ve wanted to expound upon for quite a long time because so many people have a complete and utter misunderstanding of it. In these troubled times, amidst protests against racism and police brutality, a president touting authoritarianism and fascism, and a politically fractured populace, forgiveness can play a profound role in helping to heal a troubled nation as well as interpersonal relationships that may […]

The Materialism of Hobbes, Part I

According to Hobbes, all the cosmos and everything in it is material. Even your thoughts, emotions, ideas . . . all material, the cause of the “motion” of one’s brain matter. For Hobbes, this new outlook on the structure of reality via the advancement of the sciences led to four distinct philosophies: determinism, mechanism, sensationalism, and of course, materialism.

Is Historical Accuracy in Western Religion Important?

Is the historical criticism of Jewish, Islamic, or Christian scripture unrelated to the positive spiritual growth these works can inspire? Is it important for the traditions and tales in these sacred texts to be verified as historically accurate, or does the intent of greater spiritual understanding outweigh the necessity for historical accuracy? This is an important question when one considers the textual traditions and myths surrounding religions outside the Western […]