An Examination of Wilson Owen’s “Dulce Et Decorum Est”

In every war, alongside the bullets and the bombs, there are the writers and poets, whose powers of the pen are the weapons of choice (if a choice is to be had) in swaying public sentiment and thereby steering the course of history, perhaps towards a path to peace. One such writer, a British poet and WWI infantry soldier named Wilfred Owen, found his voice while in recuperation from the stress of fighting on the Western Front.

The Fall of Rome (Condensed)

The saying goes that Rome wasn’t built in a day; it’s also true that it didn’t fall in a day. There are hundreds of reasons why the empire fell when and in the way that it did. Many historians place the true end of the Roman Empire with the Byzantium in the 1400s, so when the historical layman speaks of the fall of the Roman Empire, they are typically speaking […]