Is Historical Accuracy in Western Religion Important?

Is the historical criticism of Jewish, Islamic, or Christian scripture unrelated to the positive spiritual growth these works can inspire? Is it important for the traditions and tales in these sacred texts to be verified as historically accurate, or does the intent of greater spiritual understanding outweigh the necessity for historical accuracy? This is an important question when one considers the textual traditions and myths surrounding religions outside the Western […]

Religious Fundamentalism

Religious fundamentalism — the word ‘fundamentalism’ often capitalized in this usage — is the belief that a literal interpretation of religious scripture is the only true and correct one. Whether such belief pertains to faith in a particular god or the application of a specific set of teachings, religious fundamentalists believe their chosen belief system, and its relevant texts, are thus sacrosanct, unquestionable, and always of the highest authority. Fundamentalist […]

The Arrogance of Proselytizing

How easy it would be for me to sit here and eviscerate Western religion — or any religion, for that matter. This happens at least once a month when the Jehovah’s Witnesses come to my door. I step outside to the front porch, hear out their introduction, and then rip it to shreds in front of the spouses and children they often bring along for whatever reason. No, I have […]

The Road To Agnosticism

“Perhaps the world is not made. Perhaps nothing is made.” – Dr. Manhattan, The Watchmen I was raised as Protestant Methodist in a congregation not fanatical or even notably excited about their faith, who came to church for the socializing as much as for the sermon. Nonetheless, I was instructed from a young age that the New Testament was mostly true — or at least, not overtly false by the […]