Donald Trump Is A Fascist

Fascism doesn’t have a sharply defined definition; there are wide and often conflicting sets of historical references and philosophical debates as to what fascism is because fascism is itself imprecisely defined. The best way to tackle this sticky topic is to present some of the most common traits associated with fascism and see how Donald Trump’s actions and rhetoric line up with those premises.

Conservatism: A Bad Idea, Then and Now

Conservatism has gained acceptance as a legitimate, authoritative political philosophy both in America and around the world. The origins of this movement, and its connections to the sordid events it has fostered both in Europe and America, are of importance in understanding the impact of these concepts on European and American society. This essay will examine the historical origins of conservatism and the cornerstones of belief supporting it.

The Impeachment: My Take

I really didn’t want to write about this. You may note the tagline for this blog is “an old man’s excursions in reading, music, and travel.” I haven’t written about any of those things as yet, which is a little embarrassing. Yesterday I mused that I could write about some of the places I’ve been, or find a good jumping-off point for writing about music, or perhaps begin covering the […]

We Told You So

To begin: All the way back in 2015 I had written (on a now-defunct web site) that Donald Trump was unfit for the presidency. Not just because of his generally distasteful nature, his unearned braggadocio, his undereducated noodle or the fact that he’s a racist asshat – those being some fairly compelling reasons among many not to vote for a candidate – but because such a person could and would […]