High-School Philosophy

When I was a teenager, I was nothing if not rambunctious. This was due to two factors: one, I had numerous mental issues that my parents and society at large did little to nothing to address, and two, I wasn’t versed in any sort of philosophy outside of Methodist Christianity, which (surprise, surprise) was about as useful for addressing my issues as breasts on a bull. Had I been introduced […]

The Three Steps

Culturally and philosophically, America is on fire. Terrorism, racism, religious intolerance, anti-intellectualism, extremism, fascism, nihilism; our culture roils with conflict caused by ills long ago demonstrated to be ineffective in creating modern, healthy societies. As should be expected in a nation that reveres freedom of speech, there is a vocal minority who seeks to promote these bad ideas as acceptable for America and the world. The human tendency to discard […]

American Anti-Intellectualism

Our citizens have not been raised to question, test or research anything properly. Americans have seen their education systems defunded decade after decade by a “ruling” class dedicated to keeping us stupid, pliant and docile. We view the college-educated as “elitist,” and higher education as a noble goal disdained. This is not preparing our youth for tomorrow.

Shadows of Reality: Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

There are few examples of philosophical writing that can be applied across such a wide swath of life experience and social construct as Plato’s allegory of the cave. This analogy contains symbolisms of illusion, perception, and superficial reality on the individual level, with takes on education and mass media in society at large. While it’s applicable to a diverse range of experience, today we’ll focus on what the allegory says […]